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Linkzter - Best Link In Bio Tool

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Welcome to a world where your influence expands and your earnings grow. Linkzter presents an unparalleled opportunity for 100 elite online enterpenuers to become part of our exclusive Innovators Program.


What Is Linkzter?

Why You Should Join The Linkzter Innovator Program?

Innovative Platform

As the first and only link-site platform designed for influencers and small business owners, Linkzter revolutionizes how you connect with your audience.

Monetization Mastery

Tailored for maximum monetization, Linkzter transforms your social media engagement into profitable ventures.

Exclusive Access

Beta testers receive a Lifetime Premium Account, offering a suite of advanced features and capabilities.

Your Role As A “Linkzter Innovator”

Linkzter - Best Link In Bio Tool

Showcase Your Influence:

You should have an active social media presence with 5,000+ followers.


Linkzter in Your Bio:

Make Linkzter your primary ‘link in bio’ across all your social media profiles.


Linkzter - Best Link In Bio Tool
Linkzter - Best Link In Bio Tool

Spread the Word:

Share your Linkzter experience and let everyone know about its incredible features.


Linkzter Innovator benefits!

Besides the free lifetime ultimate membership there are many benefits to being a Linkzter Innovator, here are just 3 of them:

  1. Be the first to experience and shape the future of Linkzter.
  2. Enhance your personal brand with innovative tools and features.
  3. Enjoy Lifetime Access to premium features at no cost.


Linkzter - Best Link In Bio Tool

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Step #2: Once approved we’ll create your Lifetime Premium Account and send you your login details.

Step #3: Build and Customize your new website and let your excitement shine by telling everyone ypou know about by sharing it to your audience, using your Linkzter link in your social profiles…etc.

To enhance your application’s chances of acceptance, please provide comprehensive and precise information in the form below. Detailed responses significantly increase your chances of acceptance. Note that applicants may be rejected for submitting incomplete forms or failing to meet our criteria.

This opportunity is time-sensitive and limited to the first 100 qualified applicants.
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Embrace the future of digital engagement with Linkzter. A lifetime of premium features, worth hundreds annually, is just a click away!

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Attention: Social Media Influencers, Small business Owners, Content Creators and Anyone Building a Brand Presence Online…

Link Site + Social Directory

The Best Link In Bio Tool For Your Brand!

Consoldate your entire audience, and send them mass notifications with push notifications with just a click!


What Sets Linkzter Apart From Other ‘Link In Bio Sites’?

The possibilities are endless with Linkzter. With an easy to navigate admin area, customizing and monetizing your profile is a breeze.

Here’s what really sets Linkzter apart:

Linkzter - Best Link In Bio Tool
Linkzter - Best Link In Bio Tool

A Link Site

Effortlessly manage all your online links within one unified profile using Linkzter. Say goodbye to the hassle of guiding your followers through multiple platforms – with Linkzter, your latest content is always just one click away. 

Follow Button

Linkzter empowers you to grow a devoted following directly from your profile. When someone follows you, they receive your message and stay connected to your future mass messages and push notifications from your Linkzter profile. 

Send Mass Messages

With Linkzter you can send mass messages to all of your followers at once or segment them into lists.

Push Notifications

Maximize Engagement with Advanced Push Notification Technology: Keep Your Audience in the Loop with Real-Time Alerts on Your Latest Content

Linkzter - Best Link In Bio Tool
Linkzter - Best Link In Bio Tool

Monetize With Stripe Connect!

With Linkzter your profile becomes a dynamic marketplace, allowing you to effortlessly offer and sell your products and services, all powered by Stripe Connect

Linkzter - Best Link In Bio Tool

Get Noticed More

We are the first ever link site focused on bringing you additional traffic by offering a Model Directory + Discovery Page solution for followers to find YOU!

50% Lifetime Referral Program

With Linkzter you can easily create a passive income just by referring other to Linkzter.

The Linkzter Referral Program works by allowing participants to earn a commission for every new member they refer to Linkzter. When a participant refers someone, and that person signs up for either the Linkzter Pro Account (priced at $12) or the Ultimate Account (priced at $24), the referrer earns a 50% lifetime recurring commission on these subscription fees.


Features Galore!

The following features represent just a glimpse of what Linkzter has to offer. With innovation as our driving force, Linkzter is a continually evolving masterpiece.

Custom Design Settings

Design your profile to match your brand and message. Add Videos, banners, links, buttons, PDFs, shopping cart and more!


Stay informed and strategize effectively with deep insights into your site’s performance.

Stripe Connect

Seamlessly Offer Your Entire Range of Products and Services to Your Entire Follower Base, All from a Single, Unified Platform!

Discovery Page

Our aim is to increase your online presence by introducing a Discovery Page feature, designed to help followers effortlessly locate and engage with your content!


Enhanced visibility by providing a Directory Page service, making it easier for followers to discover and connect with you!

Push Notifications

Your followers get notifications on their phones everytime you post or message them.

Mass Messaging

Message ALL of your followers in one click. 100% delivery rate.

Live Stream

Live Stream to your followers from your profile.

Video Headers!

Upload a 17 second video to really make your profile grab attention.

Timer Countdown

Generate a compelling sense of immediacy and captivate your audience by incorporating a personalized countdown timer into your profile. 

Events Calendar

Schedule Live Streams, Live Events or any upcoming event you have.

Custom Welcome Message

Write a custom message to your new followers that’s sent automatically when someone follows.

We are an APP!

We have the latest technology that enables you to save Linkzter to your homescreen making it an app for easy access and push notifications.

Load Banners

You can load banners, ads or even create custom buttons with your very own artwork for maximum customization.

Post Jobs

Share your employment or gig opportunities on our comprehensive job board, where your listings will be visible to a wide audience .

Best Link In Bio Site

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Welcome to a world where your influence expands and your earnings grow. Linkzter presents an unparalleled opportunity for elite online enterpenuers.


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